International Sister Cities Promotion and Overseas Cooperation Conference held smoothly ︱ Zhuangzi Investment and Control Group expands its international
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On the morning of June 16, the "International Sister Cities Promotion and Overseas Cooperation Conference" jointly organized by Hebei Foreign Affairs Office (Provincial Friendship Association) and Baoding Municipal People's Government was held in Power Valley International Hotel. Cao Haibo, Deputy Mayor of Baoding City, relevant municipal departments, county (city, district) governments, responsible comrades of the management committees of development zones above the provincial level, foreign affairs officials of various counties (cities, districts), Great Wall Motors, Juli Group, and Lizhong Representatives from more than 70 export-oriented enterprises including the Group and Zhuangzi Investment Control Group attended the meeting.

Vice Mayor Cao Haibo introduced Baoding’s efforts to build a new development pattern of Beijing-Xiong-Baobao integration and the positive role played by the nine international sister cities in the city’s opening-up over the years, and shared Baoding’s new development space and opportunities for win-win cooperation. New future; Vice President Lv Xiaomei, the three regional directors of the Asia-Africa Division, the European Division, and the U.S.-University Division, and the Secretary-General of the Provincial Friendship Association, respectively, used the advantages of foreign affairs functions to serve the local economic and social development, and deepened the use of friendly city platforms and overseas superior resources Speeches were made on topics such as exchanges and cooperation, active service to the "Going Global" strategy of enterprises, and implementation of the "One Belt and One Road" strategy "Going Global" to avoid risks for enterprises.

At the meeting, Li Pan made a speech as a representative of Zhuangzi Investment Control Group. He briefly introduced the group's business direction, business results, and development strategy, and highlighted the outstanding achievements of Hebei Chengxing Municipal Design Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chengxing Co., Ltd.), a subsidiary of the group.

Chengxing Co., Ltd. is located in the innovation layer of the New Third Board. Its main business is municipal engineering design. It has six special Class A qualifications and is one of the four major companies to be listed in Baoding. While devoting to the industry, we will not forget to respond to the policy call, actively follow the "One Belt One Road" development plan and continue to explore and innovate, and establish with domestic first-class enterprises and institutions such as the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Anhui Provincial Transportation Planning and Design Research Institute, etc. Cooperative relationship; Wanfang International Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong to steadily explore the international markets in Southeast Asia such as the Philippines and Cambodia; Advantageous resources joined by the top design team of the French Academy of Fine Arts, Die Benem, continue to develop internationally with innovative spirit Business, participate in international competition.

At the exchange meeting, business representatives from all parties communicated with our company, which helped the group to further expand the international "circle of friends", let Zhuangzi Investment Control "go out" and "bring in" newer technology, which inspires unlimited innovation Potential to better promote the steady implementation of the Group’s international development strategy.

In the future, Zhuangzi Investment and Control Group will continue to invest in high-quality resources, increase innovation, apply the latest technologies and concepts such as big data, cloud computing, and smart city construction to the development and construction of the group, and provide global customers with a five-in-one model. The core high-end technical services give full play to the economic vitality of private enterprises and promote the high-quality development of the “Belt and Road” initiative.

Chengxing Co., Ltd. won the Outstanding Contribution Award for Promoting the High-Quality Development of the Survey and Design Industry in Hebei Province during the
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Hebei Engineering Survey and Design Consulting Association awarded Chengxing Co., Ltd. the Outstanding Contribution Award for Promoting the High-quality Development of Hebei Survey and Design Industry during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period


The Hebei Engineering Survey and Design Consulting Association awarded Comrade Liu Xianhua the Individual Award for Outstanding Contributions to Promoting the High-quality Development of Hebei Survey and Design Industry during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period

Chengxing has signed a team of academicians of the French Academy of Arts. Chinese and French industry elites join hands to build a high-quality design team and actively participate in international competition
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Recently, the industrial joint forum between Qingdao Rongyuan, Sino-French Rongyuan and Chengxing (stock code: 831415) was successfully held, and the two sides conducted friendly discussions on the principle of complementing each other's advantages and win-win cooperation. Qingdao rongyuan text brigade group co., LTD., chairman of wen-wen li li, general manager assistant, method of rongyuan Mr Chen, general manager of the French academy of sciences and the di, Mr BeiNaiM, sino-french rongyuan director Chen Yan line to city hing shares, and the city hing co shu-quan li, general manager, group marketing director Zhao Zhigang ZhuangXinTong, financial management center, the securities management center general manager, deputy general manager zhang super, bo yan, deputy general manager of TRW Liu Xianhua Guo Lipeng charm design, deputy general manager and other leaders collusion between the future situation, promote the establishment of strategic cooperative relations has carried on the discussion.

Since the focus on the layout of East China regional market business this year, Chengxing shares and Qingdao Rongyuan, Sino-French Rongyuan in the industrial layout, cultural concept, development strategy and other directions happened to be the same, the two sides have established a deep friendship on the basis of good communication.

At the symposium, Li Shuquan, General Manager of Chengxing Co., Ltd., warmly welcomed the arrival of Li Wenwen, Chairman of Qingdao Rongyuan Co., Ltd., and introduced the current business development situation of Chengxing Co., Ltd., the upgrading of key advantages and the vision of its future development. He said that as a model of mixed ownership under the national fund for small and medium-sized enterprises, Chengxing Stock has steadily increased its market performance in recent years, its team size and technical level have been upgraded by leaps and leaps, and its business has basically covered most provinces and cities across the country. With the establishment of Xiongan New Area, it has actively undertaken several design projects of the new area, and created a batch of excellent design projects with benchmarking, highly integrating into the integration construction process of Beijing, Tianjin and Xiongxiong. In the future, city hing shares will be adhering to the group "to do the guardian of the human livable environment" of the enterprise mission, give full play to the industry in the design of municipal technical resources, social resources and brand influence, project operating management advantages, and Qingdao melt source, the source strong joint, fully explore cooperation opportunities and channels, establishing strategic cooperative relations, focus on shaping the high-quality goods project, make industry benchmarking.

Mr. Li Wenwen, Chairman of Qingdao Rongyuan, expressed appreciation and recognition for the development performance of Chengxing in recent years, and affirmed and appreciated the long-term pursuit of friendly communication, equality and mutual benefit between the two sides. He also said that both parties belong to large enterprises and share the same goal and vision. The advantages of joining the Academician team of Academia de Arts Francaise, which is a strong resource guarantee for both parties to create opportunities for cooperation and development. We are willing to further strengthen communication and exchanges with Chengxing, give full play to our respective advantages in resources, actively seek cooperation opportunities, seek common development and mutual benefit, jointly create a wonderful chapter of high-quality development for both sides, and make greater contributions to national development and the construction of the new district.

Member of the French academy dean, Mr BeiNaiM cooperation on symposium expressed strong interest and confidence, says Mr BeiNaiM that city hing shares in China municipal design industry development level and the technical strength is worth affirmation, member of the French design team would like to actively explore the cooperation mode and development together with the city hing co channel, stop to highs, carefully polished and jointly create a spirit in the history of Chinese and international leading, design the soul, the characteristic, high-end design projects. "I hope that the design concept of the team of Academicians of the French Academy of Arts can be highly integrated and firmly implemented in China", Mr. Due-Benem expressed his aspirations with full vision.

Mr. Dieter Benem, Academician of the French Academy of Arts, visited Xiongan Sharing Center

Mr. Di Nenaim, Academician of the French Academy of Arts, visited the Citizen Service Center of Xiongan New Area

The open, inclusive and win-win mentality that Chengxing shares always adhere to is to borrow the world's intellectual resources and establish a grand cultural view. In Xiongan New Area, Chengxing Company has actively undertaken a number of sample projects such as the "Three Schools and One College" turnkey project and the supporting project of Anzhou characteristic town. Its technical strength and development space are self-evident, which provides a solid foundation for win-win cooperation and innovation and sharing between the two parties. The two sides will make steady explorations, cooperate with each other and make progress together from a new starting point, and create a batch of international and high-end benchmark projects for China's development and the construction of new areas.
Note: Mr. Dieter Benem, academician of the French Academy of Arts, a famous French lawyer for the protection of art property rights, a permanent representative of the cooperation between the French Academy of Arts and Chinese cultural institutions and museums, and an international development consultant of the National Art Museum of China.
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清朝乾隆  皇帝御笔亲题“日边冲要无双地,天下繁难第一州”。




项目名称:涿州鼓楼大街-- 范阳西路至双塔路段改造工程方案







景观设计:北京博衍天合艺术空间设计   文创景观所   特色设计所(古建、雕塑 、亮化设计 )









4、配套设施:鼓楼大街北口加木牌楼、 石球路障、 升降柱

5、夜景亮化: 拉线吊灯、 LED灯带、壁灯、 地灯 、仿古路灯等

6、景观提升:墙根花坛、窗台绿化、 休息座椅 、 木质花坛等


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Recently, the "Calligraphy and Painting Entering the Campus" of Chengxing Stock · Qiushui Academy was successfully launched into Valin Turnover School and the Calligraphy and Painting Donation Ceremony was successfully held. Colchicine li-xin sun, deputy secretary, vice President of the academy Li Lude, vice secretary general zhen-xin li, let city county bureau of education moral education office director zhao, valin group chairman, how will people, valin school principals hong-chun liu, vice President of Wang Xinming and other leaders attended the event, for valin turnover school all teachers and students to bring a "cultural feast".

Calligraphy and painting into the campus activity donation ceremony

This activity is a substantial action taken by Chengxing Company to uphold corporate social responsibility and promote the cultural inheritance and promotion of the Xiongan New Area. Colchicine academy joint male Ann district three county dozens of artists, Beijing culture and art consultant, a total of creation complete works of calligraphy and painting, more than 40 presented valin turnover schools free of charge, with traditional art elements of "painting and calligraphy" adorn every corner of the campus, power level and grade school culture construction to make a new promotion, the next generation of firm culture for our country culture road set up confidence, sets up the value orientation.

Secretary General of Qiu Shui College, Lok Tak Lee, speaks at the handover ceremony

Li Lude, executive deputy secretary general of Qiushui Academy, said at the ceremony that culture is the blood of a nation, the spiritual home of the people and the value guidance of students. This activity of painting and calligraphy into the campus is a practical measure of Chengxing Stock based on the mission of enterprise development, carrying forward Chinese traditional culture and practicing cultural inheritance. These works, with profound Chinese cultural deposits and artistic attainments, have expressed Chengxing's deep love and trust for the healthy growth of students in Hualing Chuanshui School. I hope these paintings and calligraphy works with artistic fragrance can make the majority of teachers and students feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture "at zero distance", infiltrate their hearts and sow the seeds of beautiful and elegant art. In the future, Qiushui Academy will adhere to cultural inheritance, do a good job of cultural protection, improve the scope and depth of the dissemination of painting and calligraphy activities on campus, and make an important carrier and active practitioner for the improvement of campus culture construction through diversified channels and forms.

Teachers and students at Hualing Turnover School appreciate paintings and calligraphy

As the forerunner and demonstrator of China's future urban development, Xiongan New Area will become a highly attractive and radiant global innovation center, and vigorously promote the development of culture and education in the New Area, which is not only the immediate need of the construction of Xiongan New Area, but also the internal driving force of Chengxing Stock to help the construction of the New Area. By giving full play to its technological advantages, Chengxing provides strong support for the cultural construction and youth growth of Xiongan New Area. In the new district, Chengxing has undertaken the EPC project of "Valin Turnaround School Transformation". After the design and transformation, it can meet the needs of 8-10 track primary schools and receive about 2,500 pupils. To ensure the high quality of the relocation of children to school placement, maintain social harmony and stability, promote the orderly progress of cultural and educational work to hand in a satisfactory answer, the project results have been highly recognized by the leaders of the new district. The "Calligraphy and Calligraphy Entering Campus" and the Calligraphy and Calligraphy Donation Ceremony is the second promotion activity of cultural inheritance carried out by Chengxing Company based on the education guarantee of Hualing Calligraphy and Calligraphy School, and is the deep extension of helping the development of cultural undertaking in Xiongan New Area.

The teaching environment after the upgrading of Valin Turnover School

Zhuang Yanqing, chairman of Chengxing Stock, has mentioned on many occasions that "the social responsibility of enterprises is innate, and the dedication of entrepreneurs is innate", which is the company leaders' abiding by their own heart, and also the original intention of all the people in Chengxing. In the Beijing and tianjin on the big stage of male integration, city hing shares will with colchicine academy for Windows platforms, adhere to the cultural output and cultural integration, build a powerful cultural ecological system, adhere to the "out of the ordinary to overtake" at the core of the enterprise idea, make traditional Chinese excellent culture in male Ann district more in-depth and extensive carries forward the tradition, make positive contribution for the new city culture construction.

Li Guoyong, member of the Standing Committee of Baoding Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, and his entourage visited Chengxing shares for research and guidance
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On the morning of July 28th, Li Guoyong, member of the Standing Committee of Baoding Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, and his entourage visited Chengxing Co., Ltd. for research and guidance. Chengxing Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhuang Yanqing received Li Guoyong and his party.

Vice Mayor Li first listened to the report on the development of Chengxing Co., Ltd. by Chairman Zhuang Yanqing, and learned more about the development, operation, development strategy and organization of Chengxing Co., Ltd. Recognizes the outstanding achievements of Chengxing shares in recent years, expresses appreciation for the contributions that Chengxing shares have made in the urban design and planning, economic construction, and cultural construction of Baoding City over the years, and expresses appreciation for the continuous expansion and deepening of the industry and persistence in The development idea of ​​achieving transcendence in ordinary affirmation.

Afterwards, Vice Mayor Li carefully watched some excellent design works of Chengxing Co., Ltd. and learned about the development plan of Chengxing Co., Ltd. He pointed out that the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy and the planning and construction of the Xiongan New Area have brought unprecedented major historical opportunities to Baoding. Chengxing shares actively invested in the construction of the Xiongan New Area and is an active practitioner who responds to national policies and reflects the mission of corporate responsibility. Wangchengxing shares continue to adhere to the development concept of "surpassing from the ordinary", bravely develop development layout, vigorously introduce high-end talents, deepen design innovation concepts, strengthen corporate development strength, deepen advantageous professional fields, and create a livable and business-friendly for Baoding City A better life city contributes.

Chairman Zhuang Yanqing said at the meeting that Chengxing shares would like to thank the leaders of the municipal government for their care and support. "Being the guardian of the livable environment for human beings" is the strategic pursuit of Chengxing. As a new third-board innovative enterprise, Chengxing will continue to focus on the system innovation concept of "technical service as the leader", seize the opportunity of new district construction and make further progress. Accurately exert efforts, focus on improving design level, focus on improving innovation ability, focus on training high-quality talents, and focus on creating high-quality projects. Give full play to the industry's leading advantages, under the guidance of national policies and the strong support of the municipal party committee and municipal government, fully release the potential of advantages, and add impetus to the shaping of Baoding's cultural symbols and the development of high-quality cities.

Zhou Linwei, Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, Nie Huiwen, Director of the Municipal Financial Supervision Bureau, Li Yuannan, Deputy Director of the Municipal Office of Double Innovation and Double Service, Wang Shuan, Head of the Municipal Baolian Enterprise Work Class, Bai Jiwei, Deputy Director of the High-tech Zone, and General Manager of Chengxing Co., Ltd. Li Shuquan and leaders of various departments of Chengxing Co., Ltd. attended the meeting.

Consolidate achievements and continue to exert strength! Zhuangzi Group's Executive Debriefing Meeting for the first half of 2020 was successfully held
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In order to further implement the group's development strategy, summarize the key tasks in the first half of the year, and promote the completion of the tasks in the second half of the year, Zhuangzi Group recently held a senior management debriefing meeting for the first half of 2020. Group Chairman and President Zhuang Yanqing, Vice President Xiao Suozhu, Vice President Li Zhanjun, and senior managers of various functional centers and business units attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Vice President Li Zhanjun.

Based on the principle of seeking truth from facts and objective evaluation, the functional center and the main responsible persons of each business department summarized and reflected on their work in the first half of the year, and also carefully considered and planned the work plan for the second half of the year. At the same time, the leaders of the group gave serious comments and guidance requirements for the actual situation and existing problems faced by each unit.

At the meeting, Zhuang Yanqing made an important speech. He pointed out that the debriefing materials for the debriefing meeting were full of content, and each unit had outstanding achievements and results. Each unit has achieved gratifying results in the first half of the year. The hard work and hard work of all senior management and employees deserves recognition.

Looking back at the first half of the year, the Group was in a critical period of expanding its national layout, taking steps towards internationalization, and advancing the achievement of a short-term development strategy. The Group’s functional centers, business units, and major regions overcome the impact of the epidemic, optimize management, forge ahead, and make continuous breakthroughs in market performance. The new data, the quality of the team presents a high level, and the continuous efficiency of operation management, the achievements and achievements achieved demonstrate the excellent ability of the senior management team and employees.

(Chairman of Zhuangzi Group Zhuang Yanqing)

Examining the current situation, Zhuang Yanqing put forward two opinions and requirements on work planning, asset flow, profit targets and other work in the second half of the year.

1. The top leaders of all units must adhere to the principles of “grab back money, control costs, produce high-quality goods, and stabilize the market”. While actively consolidating the results of the first half of the year, they must not We will further improve our capabilities, development levels, service capabilities and management levels, continue to take solid steps towards international business development, and promote business development to a new level.

2. Strengthen the sense of responsibility and continue to move from excellence to excellence. Actively do a good job in management work such as teamwork, reform, and team leadership, and require compound managers with a strong sense of mission, responsibility, and appeal as a whole, with the goal of creating a team with cohesiveness and combat effectiveness, and promote truth-seeking The pragmatic and down-to-earth work style promotes high-quality development and brings new vitality to operation management.

This mid-year debriefing will help to comprehensively examine the work development of each unit, help benchmark annual mission goals, sort out problems and deficiencies, find shortcomings and omissions, and help promote high-quality tasks in the second half of the year. This debriefing meeting is not only a report meeting for all units to fully display the work results of the first half of the year, but also a key meeting for benchmarking the group's development strategy requirements and consolidating the work in the second half of the year. We hope that all units will take up their responsibilities, strictly supervise and guide, solidly advance various tasks, maintain an empty cup mentality, and grow together with the group.

Building Dreams in Xiongan, Jointly Developing 丨 Chengxing Co., Ltd. was elected as the executive director unit of the Association of Science and Technology Innovation Enterprises in Xiongan New District
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On September 26, the inaugural meeting of the Xiong’an New District Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise Federation was held in the Xiong’an New District. Under the leadership and support of Zhuangzi Group, Hebei Chengxing Municipal Design Institute Co., Ltd. was elected as the executive director unit of the Federation of Science and Technology Innovation Enterprises in Xiongan New Area, and Xiao Suozhu, general manager of Chengxing Co., Ltd., was appointed as the executive director of the Federation.

The Xiong’an New Area Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise Federation is a non-profit and comprehensive non-profit comprehensive establishment based on the background of the Xion’an New Area’s millennium plan and the major development strategy of the country. It is jointly initiated and established by 93 high-tech innovation companies such as Huawei, Alibaba, and 360 entering the new area. Associations. Xiong’an Technology and Enterprise Alliance is committed to the construction of the Xiongan New Area’s innovation-driven development leading area, and strives to promote the early construction of the Xion’an New Area into a scientific and technological innovation center with global influence.

In the future, the Federation of Science and Technology Innovation Enterprises in Xiongan New Area will lead enterprises to exert their efforts in three directions, including based on original innovation, to help Xiongan become a global innovation highland; based on the era of intelligence, seize the development of Xiongan New Area to take off; Training of talents, realizing long-term development in Xiongan, etc. The three major initiatives, multi-headed development, provide a broader resource platform and cooperation opportunities for the development of Xiongan New Area and the take-off of enterprises, and lay a more solid cornerstone for the construction of Xiongan New Area into a technological innovation center with global influence.

Chengxing was elected as the executive director unit of the Xiongan New Area Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise Federation, which embodies the development philosophy of Zhuangzi Group in the core business areas of engineering services, engineering construction, and infrastructure operations. It also means that under the guidance of the "Beijing-Tianjin-xiong integration" strategy, Zhuangzi Group adheres to the lofty mission of "being the guardian of the livable environment for mankind", vigorously deploys the Xiongan New Area, and makes improvements in the area of construction engineering and technological innovation in the new area. Great contribution.

Make innovation a habit

Innovation is the soul of a nation’s progress, an inexhaustible driving force for a country’s prosperity, and a source of vitality for an enterprise. The company's leapfrog development stems from always insisting that technology is the primary productive force and increasing innovation drive.

--- "Let Innovation Become a Habit" Zhuang Yanqing, Chairman of Zhuangzi Group

Xiong’an New District shoulders the major mission of dissolving Beijing’s non-capital functions. Facing the general trend of the future, Chengxing Co., Ltd. has established Xiong’an Branch and a big data center in Xiong’an New District, and joined hands with internationally renowned companies to participate in the construction of Xiong’an New District.

Xiong'an is an important development direction of Zhuangzi Group's industrial layout. The people of Zhuangzi always keep the development of the new district in their minds, infiltrate the concept of service into their bones, and make innovation a habit!

On the road in the future, Chengxing Co., Ltd. will work with the members of the Xiongan New Area Technology Innovation Enterprise Federation to continuously advance towards the field of scientific and technological innovation, and promote the early construction of Xiongan New Area into a scientific and technological innovation center with global influence. In cooperation Achieve win-win!

Zhuangzi Group wishes colleagues from all walks of life a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day
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"The National Day and the National Day are both Mid-Autumn Festival now and now, and the double festivals will be celebrated together." Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day will be celebrated in 2020. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, Zhuangzi Group and all employees wish colleagues from all walks of life a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a happy National Day.

With 71 years of history and 71 years of glorious glory, New China has been reborn in the flames, constantly defeating wind and rain to create miracles! On the road to the Chinese dream of achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, Zhuangzi Group takes "to be the guardian of the livable environment for mankind" as its corporate mission. Based on the field of urban and rural construction, in response to the One Belt One Road policy, it is committed to the construction of Xiongan New District and strives to be a world-class contractor. Business, strive for global outstanding engineering design enterprises, and make positive contributions to the prosperity of the country’s economy and society.

On the occasion of the National Day, the Zhuangzi Group wishes the motherland prosperity, prosperity and health!

On the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar calendar, the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, all Chinese people will look up at the brightest moon of the year, and put their thoughts on it. A longing and a reunion are family love where blood is thicker than water, and friendship where they fight side by side. Zhuangzi Group will continue to practice cultural construction, create a caring, united, and cohesive corporate culture atmosphere, continue to surpass the ordinary, and repay customers and society with outstanding performance and achievements.

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion, Zhuangzi Group wishes all customers, friends and employees a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Finally, Zhuangzi Group once again wishes colleagues from all walks of life a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day!

Practicing Social Responsibility and Passing on the Spirit of Enterprise——A full review of the Teacher's Day charity trip of Chengxing Co., Ltd. under Zhuangzi Group!
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On September 10, Hebei Chengxing Municipal Design Institute Co., Ltd. (corporate abbreviation: Chengxing shares, stock code: 831415), a subsidiary of Zhuangzi Group, donated tables and stools to Xi'an Fengyang High School in Fengyang High School. Liu Yongkai, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Zhuangzi Group and Deputy General Manager of Chengxing Co., Ltd., leaders of the former People's Congress of Xi'an City, leaders of the Education Bureau, leaders of the town government, leaders of the Phoenix Village Committee, all teachers, students and parents of students jointly witnessed.

As a socially responsible enterprise, the Northwest District of Chengxing Co., Ltd. learned that Fengyang's high small tables and stools have a long service life and are seriously damaged and worn, and actively initiated donations. This time, Liu Yongkai and his team donated 138 sets of love tables and stools to Fengyang High School, with a total value of more than 20,000 yuan. Effectively solve the practical difficulties of the old and insufficient school desks and stools, greatly improve the school teaching environment, enhance the enthusiasm and initiative of teachers and students in education and teaching, and provide a solid infrastructure for the teaching work of Fengyang High School with practical actions Guaranteed.

"We have used the tables and stools in the past for many years. This time we have replaced them with new ones, and the whole classroom has become a lot brighter." A teacher from Fengyang High School said, thank you very much for donating tables and stools to the school With the new tables and stools, the students could not hide their joy.

Liu Yongkai, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, said at the donation ceremony that, under the leadership of the group, Chengxing shares actively grows itself, and always does not forget to give back to the society. Every year, a certain amount of profit is used for social welfare, which is the company's unchanging responsibility. Zhuangzi Group always adheres to the "people-oriented" talent development strategy, and regards education and training as the most valuable investment in operation and management to continuously improve the quality of the talent team. We firmly believe that talents are not only the wealth of the enterprise, but also the wealth of the society. It is hoped that through these measures, students will be encouraged to study hard, so that society will value knowledge, education, and care for the growth of talents, so that the whole society will have a common sense of responsibility and responsibility, and contribute to talents, education, society, and the future. A force.

In the future, we will continue the donation activities to support the development of education with practical actions. It is hoped that through this call to action, more students can establish lofty ideals, irresponsible expectations, and use knowledge and wisdom to contribute to the construction of their hometown, and to contribute to the construction of the country and the revitalization of the nation. On the occasion of Teacher's Day, I wish all front-line teachers a happy holiday, and I wish the students a successful study!

Zhuangzi Group has been actively fulfilling its social responsibilities during its development process and repaying society with actions. In terms of charity and public welfare activities, in 2008, the chairman of Wenchuan Earthquake Group took the lead in organizing fundraising activities; in 2010, he participated in the activities of caring for children in the orphanage; in 2011, the group made donations to the sick family members of employees, so that love and care warmed employees and their families; 2013 In 2016, in order to support the education in the old area and sincere dedication, the group entered the revolutionary old area of ​​Fuping, held a donation activity of "Focus on the old area, caring for children", donated funds to Longquanguan Primary School in Fuping County, and provided long-term support to needy students; in 2016, the group Donated funds to build the cultural wall of Sanxian Hall in Rongcheng County; on February 11, 2018, Chairman Zhuang Yanqing targeted poverty alleviation and donated 200,000 yuan worth of poverty alleviation materials in Pengyang County, Ningxia; in 2019, the group party branch initiated a charity for poor students in Quyang County, Baoding City Student donation activities; in 2020, the group launched a donation initiative for employees who suddenly fell ill. Juanjuan warms people's hearts...

The continuous good deeds fully reflect the group's noble feelings about the society and the group's advanced and noble cultural spirit. The long-standing corporate culture has continuously penetrated into the development process of the group for two decades, infiltrating into the blood and soul. On the road of scientific management, Zhuangzi Group has always insisted on taking culture as the guidance to build a comprehensive and complete corporate culture system. Encourage all employees to "surpass the ordinary", actively practice project design and social services with a high sense of responsibility and dedication, and strive to lead the industry, enter the world, and create a century-old international Zhuangzi brand.

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