Tianjin Haihe Landscape Road Reconstruction Project

Haihe River originates from Sanchakou, traverses the six districts of the city, Dongli District and Jinnan District, and joins the Bohai Sea in Tanggu District, with a total length of 72 kilometers. The plan is divided into three sections. Concrete is:

The upper reaches of the Haihe River are from the Sancha River Estuary to the Outer Ring Road, which mainly reflects the image of a water-friendly international metropolis. The riverside service economic belt, landscape belt and cultural belt with modern public facilities as the core content will be built.

The middle section from the outer ring road to the erdaozha is planned to be an ecological haihe scenic tourist area and an idyllic research and development area dominated by emerging industries such as ecological energy and information technology. From the second gate to the estuary as the downstream section, planning for the inland river port logistics, trade, processing zone and coastal city center landscape as the content of the featured area as the focus.

According to the general idea of the comprehensive development and reconstruction of haihe river, the reconstruction plan of haihe river will emphasize the overall, strategic and comprehensive strengthening, so the six main objectives are determined to build haihe river into a charming river, a driving river, a symbolic river, a natural river, a cohesive river and a dynamic river.