Lixian Yueming River

Yueming River originates from Wangkuai Reservoir in Taihang Mountain in the west of Hebei, flows through Quyang, Dingzhou, Anguo, Boye, Lixian County of Baoding, and joins Xiaoyi River in Xinxing Town of Lixian County. It belongs to Daqing River system of Haihe River Basin. It is an important drainage channel between the Tang River and the Schschelong River. The site of this river landscape improvement is the South Old Bridge No.1 Park Road Bridge in Dongbei Temple Village, with a length of about 760 meters.

This project design quotes the Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei's description of pastoral landscape "Peach Yuan Ride" to divide the Yueming River into four scenic areas: pastoral moonlight, ancient charm, willow with smoke, green water wave, to build the Yueming River into a poetic and pictorial collection of leisure, fitness, scenery in one of the ecological river. The green space on both sides of the Yueming River is designed as a strip garden. Its space division combines points, lines and surfaces. Points refer to the landscape nodes formed by local landscape pieces and plant landscaping. The river slope protection adopts ecological slope protection, and the landscape and plants are matched to make the river boundary natural and lively.